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Important information: New data requirements for cargo entering the European Union

On March 1, 2023, a new customs security and protection program was implemented in the European Union: the Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

According to the European Union Customs Code (UCC), additional mandatory information must be provided for all cargo and mail shipped into or through the EU. Preloading cargo and mail information (PLACI) will be used by EU customs authorities to conduct air cargo and mail security risk assessments and detect immediate threats to aviation security. TAP Air Cargo and CHAMP Cargosystems have adapted their procedures and IT systems to make sure they are prepared for the implementation and enforcement of this new regulation.

TAP Air Cargo will only accept cargo for which it has received approval from the relevant customs authorities, which means that failure to provide the mandatory information in a timely manner, so that TAP Air Cargo can send the mandatory ICS2 report to EU customs (PLACI), will result in the non-acceptance of the cargo at the original location.


As of March 1, 2023, all TAP Air Cargo clients must comply with the following conditions:

  • All shipments into or through the EU and Switzerland must be delivered to TAP Air Cargo with their respective MAWB and HAWB manifests, except in the case of e-AWB. Please note that entering the data manually may be subject to additional costs and possible delays, so we strongly recommend that the MAWB and HAWB be submitted in electronic format and that all our clients sign an “eAWB agreement” at Multilateral e-AWB Agreement - Formstack.
  • The full FWB (and FHL) messages must be received prior to the acceptance of the cargo, so as to ensure the PLACI procedure, and must include the following:
    • the 6-digit Harmonized Commodity Codes (HS codes) for all cargo imported from the EU (the most prominent HS codes of all HAWBs must also be shown on the MAWB;
    • Consignee EORI;
    • Investment in data quality: the better the data quality, the lower the risk of the authorities raising questions/objections with regard to shipments.

You can check the Message Transmission Manual for TAP Air Cargo's compliance with ICS2 requirements here.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the new regulation, we strongly recommend including these new data elements in FWB and FHL messages starting on February 1, 2023. It is crucial that data relating to Harmonized Commodity Codes are entered correctly in the appropriate fields.

Additional information about the ICS2 can be found here.

If necessary, please contact our dedicated team via email.