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TAP Valuable, your transport of valuable goods by air

Securely guarded from receipt to delivery. This is the promise we hold ourselves to with the transport of valuable goods by air service we offer our Customers.

Why choose TAP Air Cargo for the transport of valuable goods by air?

We treat your goods as our own and are aware that the transport of valuable goods by air should be handled with the greatest of care. We know, above all, that all goods must be kept secure at every stage of the process.

That is why TAP Valuable provides a fully secure air shipping service for your valuable goods, the attractiveness or value of which means they must receive the best protection possible and which demands the additional security of a responsible carrier.

The experience of our staff and the protection your goods will receive, from the moment they are received to the moment they are safely delivered, helps create an ideal logistical solution for the transport of goods at a high risk of theft in such a way as to prevent any material damage.

With TAP Air Cargo, your goods will reach their destination safely, in perfect condition and as quickly as possible.

How does TAP Air Cargo process the transport of valuable goods by air?

Whatever the destination, the transport of valuable cargo by air through TAP Valuable is carried out carefully and responsibly in such a way as to protect all packages. We aim to prevent the theft of or damage to goods carried, regardless of their size or weight. To do so, we follow a set of procedures designed to guarantee our quality of service:
  • A police presence (or similar) during storage, containerisation, transport between aircraft-terminal-aircraft and when the aircraft hold doors are opened and closed;
  • Storage in a location protected by electronic surveillance;
  • Written registration (verification document) of the goods that are held locally and signed by all involved;
  • Transport in sealed containers;
  • Handling appropriate for this type of good and speedy processing by specially-trained staff;
  • Movement of valuable goods from an approved location to the aircraft, or from the aircraft to a local approved storage area by at least two people;
  • Special security measures provided by TAP and/or its service provider for any valuable goods that, because of their size or any other reason, cannot be stored in the common security area;
  • Tracking and monitoring by documentation at all stages of the transport chain.

The TAP Air Cargo team and all partners involved in the process ensure that our transport of valuable goods by air scrupulously follows all the steps listed above. This ensures the goods arrive at their destination promptly and safely, meeting the needs of all our Customers in the best possible manner.

TAP Valuable additional options

You can complement your transport of valuable goods by air with the add-ons and delivery speeds that we offer to bring even more value, speed and security to your shipment.

Additionally, you can request our special services, TAP Express — which ensures airport to airport shipments in a short period of time — and TAP Door to Door — which guarantees the delivery of your cargo in hand, if preferred.

Contact us to require more information about TAP Valuable.

Restrictions on transporting firearms to/from the UK

The transport of firearms, both as baggage or cargo, to/from the UK is suspended from August 1st, 2021.