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With e-Tracking you can check the current air transport status of your cargo and set alerts to track your shipments. We make proximity and transparency two of our top priorities.
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TAP Express: for the most urgent deliveries

Do you need your cargo to reach its intended destination as quickly as possible, otherwise time and money will be at stake? In that case, TAP Express from TAP Air Cargo is the solution you are looking for!

What is TAP Express and what are its benefits?

TAP Express is an add-on that you can add to any of our air transport of cargo services, assuring you urgent shipments — made on the first available plane and upon confirmation of your request — from airport to airport. Its combination of speed and short-term transport capacity, while assuring high quality, extreme care and maximum safety throughout the process, makes TAP Express the first choice for the most important and urgent shipments.

TAP Express can be used for any load size and without weight limitation. Whether it is 50 kg, 500 kg or 5 tonnes, your express shipping will go on exactly as expected and under the conditions you desire.

With a worldwide logistics network that provides fast flight connections to around 300 destinations in over 100 countries, TAP Air Cargo certifies that any order will arrive at its proper destination where, how and when it was scheduled.

How can you add TAP Express to your service?

When booking, please indicate that you would like to ship your order with TAP Express. Then, you can check the status of your cargo and monitor the entire shipping process through our e-Tracking platform.

If you have questions and need further clarification, please feel free to contact TAP Air Cargo.