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With e-Tracking you can check the current air transport status of your cargo and set alerts to track your shipments. We make proximity and transparency two of our top priorities.
TAP Air Cargo e-Booking enables you to make online air cargo reservations easily, quickly and securely, every day and at anytime. Your reservation is registered in our system and, if necessary, our team will contact you.
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TAP Express: the right choice for urgent and high value shipments

Do you need a higher priority to your cargo to ensure flown as booked no matter what? In that case, TAP Express from TAP Air Cargo is the solution you are looking for!

TAP Express is the standard priority service of TAP Air Cargo, ensuring shipments to be sent on the first available flight after the order has been placed and confirmed, or ensuring flown as booked in case it is booked in advance. 
The combination of priority and capacity in a short response time, along with extreme care and maximum security throughout all the process, makes TAP Express the right choice for urgent and high value shipments
TAP Express can be used for any size of cargo and with no weight limitation (subject to aircraft capacity). Whether it is 50 kg, 500 kg or 5 tons, we guarantee that the express shipment is carried out under the same conditions. 
TAP Express is associated with the SHC PRY code, that provides priority. 
To add this add-on to your air freight service, please get in touch with TAP Air Cargo local sales area.