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TAP Air Cargo add-ons and delivery speeds

In order to improve our daily services and make the whole process even more convenient, we have a number of options — add-ons and delivery speeds — which you can choose to complement the air freight product you want to purchase.

Which add-ons complement our TAP Air Cargo products?

1 - Cargo Own Tracking 

Cargo Own Tracking is an add-on that makes it possible to track everything you send, and is available for all our air cargo services.

Track every step of your shipment's transport pipeline

Cargo Own Tracking makes it possible to obtain detailed information about your shipments by adding your own tracking device (from approved manufacturers) to your chosen air cargo product.

The Cargo Own Tracking add-on — which applies to most TAP flights — completes the CiQ (formally C2K) status data you already have, by giving you detailed information that helps you track your cargo (and its transportation) more accurately and create a solid planning base to optimize your entire supply chain.

Cargo Own Tracking offers a simple, easy-to-use tracking solution; however, if you need help or clarification regarding this add-on, please check our FAQs or contact us.

Note: All tracking devices that contain lithium batteries are subject to applicable IATA DGR regulations. Any shipment (AWB) containing more than two tracking devices must be declared as a DGR lithium battery shipment.

Which delivery speeds complement TAP Air Cargo services?

You can combine our air cargo products with three delivery speeds: Cargo Premium, Cargo Plus, and TAP Express.To find out which one suits you best, check the features of Cargo Plus and Cargo Premium below. But if you need urgent transport, please visit the TAP Express page for more information on this add-on. 

1- Cargo Premium

Cargo Premium is the ideal delivery speed for standard TAP Air Cargo shipping.

Guaranteed fast delivery

Whatever the size and weight of your cargo, we ensure adequate room for your shipment while making sure it reaches its destination within 24 hours and in perfect condition.

Comprising cargo airplanes — used solely for air cargo —, airliners and our partners' aircraft, TAP's worldwide logistics network offers this standard service to about 300 destinations in over 100 countries.

2- Cargo Plus

Cargo Plus is the perfect choice for those whose main priority is not picking up, transporting and delivering shipments as quickly as possible.

Delivery speed at the most competitive price

By choosing Cargo Plus you can expect slightly longer delivery times, but also the usual TAP Air Cargo commitment to cargo safety throughout the shipment.

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