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TAP Air Cargo e-Booking enables you to make online air cargo reservations easily, quickly and securely, every day and at anytime. Your reservation is registered in our system and, if necessary, our team will contact you.
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TAP Fast Track: the premium service for your cargo when nothing can fail

Urgent shipment? No time for long delivery and collection processes? Maximum control required? With the new add-on TAP Fast Track your cargo gets the special treatment that is needed.

TAP Fast Track is the new priority service of TAP Air Cargo, designed for cargo that requires a special service on top of high priority

By adding this new add-on to the booking, it is given high priority on land and in the air, being possible to accept cargo up to 2h STD and pick up from 90min STA. This new priority service also benefits from a 24/7 dedicated customer support through the email [email protected].

During Fast Track cargo acceptance, Fast Track stickers will be placed so that the cargo booked with this new add-on can be easily identified throughout the entire transport process. 

Fast Track is associated with the SHC XPS, which provides priority and service

TAP Fast Track can be used for any cargo size and no weight limitation (subject to aircraft capacity). 

All Fast Track bookings require notification to the origin, destination and LIS Hub. 

To add this add-on to your air freight service, please get in touch with TAP Air Cargo local sales area.