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TAP General Cargo, your air transport of general cargo

If you need to send single or pallet cargo to a particular international destination in a fast and absolutely secure way, then our air transport of general cargo is the right option.

Why choose TAP Air Cargo for the air transport of general cargo?

Because we are aware of the extreme care, rigor and safety required by the air transport of general cargo and we work continuously to carry on as an excellent airline.

How do we define the air transport of general cargo?

The general cargo can fall into one of two categories:
  • Loose / separate cargo, designated as a single product that can be placed directly into the best available space on an airplane;
  • Palletised cargo, designated as a group of products that are shipped together, usually being packed on a pallet or in a container before being placed on board the airplane.
Therefore, if you need an air transport of loose cargo or an air transport of cargo properly packed in pallets that assure you speed and maximum security throughout the shipping process, TAP General Cargo is the most appropriate choice.

How does TAP Air Cargo process the air transport of general cargo?

The air transport of general cargo provided by TAP General Cargo, whether for single or palletised shipments is entirely focused on meeting your exact needs. To do so, TAP Air Cargo has designed a simple structure of speed and price that allows you to find the ideal service at the most appealing values. 
In addition, our flexible and comprehensive our flexible and comprehensive fleet flies to over 180 international destinations, with enhanced connections through an extensive partner network, allowing regular shipments on more than 2787 flights per week.
If in doubt, your commercial manager can advise you on which air transport of general cargo best fits the type of goods you wish to send and your preferences in the shipping process. You can also clarify any questions related to specific delivery times of the shipments and bureaucratic affairs at the time of booking.

TAP General Cargo additional options

You can complement your air transport of general cargo with the add-ons and delivery speeds that we offer to bring even more value, speed and security to your shipment.

Additionally, you can request our special services, TAP Express — which ensures airport to airport shipments in a short period of time — and TAP Door to Door — which guarantees the delivery of your cargo in hand, if preferred.

Contact us to request more information about TAP General Cargo.