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TAP Air Cargo: Your cargo airline


We have evolved into a modern air cargo carrier with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, with the main objective of accommodating all needs that arise. For this reason, we offer various export and air transportation services of material goods and animals, which aim to meet the most varied requirements.

TAP Air Cargo's Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission is to provide a reliable and personalized service on a daily and timely basis in the collection, transportation and delivery of goods on TAP Air Portugal and partner aircraft.

Having as main Values the focus on our Customers, their needs and complete satisfaction, we provide the transportation of all types of goods — from the most fragile to the most complex, whether materials or live animals —, offering quality and safety at the lowest prices. Toward this end we carry your cargo on our passenger and cargo TAP airplanes, providing you with a variety of personalized services to choose from depending on your preference. 

We intend to become the leader and the gold standard for the Cargo and Mail transportation sector, given its importance in the market. Thus, our Vision is to consolidate this business as one of the most important within the Company, indispensable to the maximization of its management goals.

TAP Air Cargo’s Team and Partners

We are a dedicated and humane Company, whose keys to success are simply teamwork and personalized service.

Both our Team and our Partners — General Sales Agents and Handling Agents — work with the common goal of satisfying those looking for an air cargo carrier, with the growing preference for TAP Air Cargo services being both a reward and a benefit of all of this effort.

As we are undertaking major technological investments, we are already equipped with a strong human infrastructure and all of the necessary tools with which to confront the biggest challenges, current and future, from e-Freight to various customs control projects.

"Trust us with your shipping needs. Your cargo will be in great company and in good hands."

TAP Air Cargo fleet for air cargo transportation

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