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With e-Tracking you can check the current air transport status of your cargo and set alerts to track your shipments. We make proximity and transparency two of our top priorities.
TAP Air Cargo e-Booking enables you to make online air cargo reservations easily, quickly and securely, every day and at anytime. Your reservation is registered in our system and, if necessary, our team will contact you.
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Digital solutions to support the transportation of your cargo

TAP Air Cargo wants to streamline the cargo reservation management process with the introduction of tools for all needs.

Get to know the booking portals where you can, in a totally independent way, manage the process of transporting your cargo – Cargo.One and WebCargo. Also discover the benefits of the APIs library used by TAP Air Cargo, the Traxon CargoHUB communication platform and the reservation portal itself, where you can book the transport of your cargo and keep track of its progression.

Discover TAP Air Cargo's partner booking tools

1. TAP Air Cargo reservation portal

Need to make a reservation outside office hours?

Take control and book your shipments yourself with TAP Air Cargo. With quick, easy access and permanent availability (24/7), our reservation portal allows you to check flights frequencies, space availability and prices for your reservations.

Our contact center, available through the e-mail and the number (+351) 218 431 223, from 9am to 18pm,  is always at your disposal to help you make reservations online.


The is an easy way to make your reservation with TAP Air Cargo. This booking platform gives you access, in real time, to the various options of origins and destinations of TAP Air Cargo with availability of cargo transportation and respective capacity and fares. You can make your reservation online in seconds. The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Web Cargo

Web Cargo is a 100% free platform, with real-time values and direct e-booking. Through this platform you will save for each member of your team – time in fares inquiries and cargo reservations. WebCargo enables a more efficient search of air cargo fares and provides direct e-booking with TAP Air Cargo.

4. API library: track your package process

A service made available by TAP Air Cargo, via CHAMP's Cargospot APIs.

TAP Air Cargo entered into a partnership with CHAMP Cargosystems, with the objective of offering new services, always in line with our mission of providing a reliable and personalized service.

The API library allows direct data integration with TAP's main cargo management application - CHAMP's Cargospot Airline.

Now you can connect to TAP Air Cargo directly through your system for a completely digital experience - whether in terms of availability, price, reservations, capacity or cargo visibility. This progress will improve our collaboration and contribute to offer a unique and personalized service. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently, TAP Air Cargo uses eight exclusive APIs. For more information contact us at

For more details, visit the CHAMP developer portal, where you will find detailed information about these APIs, such as specifications and instructions for use.

To integrate directly with our load management application, or for other information, contact us via email

5. CargoHub: a transport network, always connected

We present the perfect communication between airlines, carriers and the air cargo supply chain.

TRAXON cargoHUB is an excellent platform for the electronic exchange of data worldwide. The platform efficiently connects the entire air transport community, regardless of the IT or systems configuration, obtaining greater productivity at a lower cost.

Features of TRAXON cargoHUB:

  • Improvement of the quality and integrity of the distribution chain.
  • Execution and confirmation in a few seconds of reservations, operations, document processing and customs processes.
  • Alignment with the latest industry standards.
  • Processing and converting standard messages and personalized messages.

Benefits for dispatchers:

  • Electronic access to more than 100 airlines in the CHAMP community.
  • Simplification of processes, through the automatic electronic sending of Master and House Air Waybill Data to airlines, without manual intervention of the forwarder system.
  • Speeding up the handling of your air cargo on the carrier.
  • Reduced spending on airline surcharges, charged for manual AWB processing.
  • Ability to locate and track quickly and easily. You will receive automatic updates from carriers about the status of your cargo.
  • Involvement in the IATA e-Freight and e-AWB initiative.