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Oberhausen mackerel traveled aboard TAP

Transport was made by an A320neo to Dusseldorf airport.

TAP AIR Cargo transported a tank with around 1400 kilos of live mackerel from Lisbon to Dusseldorf.

The tank, which had all the care, experience and attention of the TAP teams, arrived this week at the Sea Life Center aquarium in Oberhausen, at the request of Flying Sharks, a company specializing in the supply of marine animals to environmental education and marine research institutions around the world.
The mackerel was caught off the coast of Olhão, in the Algarve, and, according to biologists from Flying Sharks, “they are a very popular fish in public aquariums, because the school swims in a “donut” shape and they are sought after because of this visual effect".

The tank, all black, was constantly monitored, from the ph, to the temperature, ammonia and oxygen levels, having traveled with an oxygen bottle that was gradually releasing small amounts into the water for this shoal of mackerel.

Boarding was carried out on board the Miguel Torga A320neo CS-TVK, from TAP, and prepared during the early hours of the morning, with departure taking place in the early hours of the morning.

Watch the video of this very special flight here.