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Latest Updates

Information regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on TAP's operation.

In this global pandemic COVID-19 context, the Portuguese Government declared passenger travelling restrictions for NON-EU countries (with few exceptions, such as the Portuguese speaking countries Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, as well as countries with strong Portuguese immigration such as the USA, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela).

With our TAP HUB in Portugal this will immediately affect our Network operation, temporarily. Please find information on the temporarily suspended destinations here.

TAP Air Cargo is evaluating contingency scenarios (mainly “cargo-only” products) to complement TAP passengers subsisting network, therefore please address your specific needs (regular volumes and yields) for our ongoing evaluations. The Airfreight industry is directly and indirectly affected by this global challenge with capacity and frequency shortages (vs. ongoing demand). High revenue corridors (O-Ds) should allow us to establish contingency products.