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Summer 2022: TAP Air Cargo increases the number of flights to Brazil

With the arrival of summer, TAP Air Cargo reinforces its operation from Lisbon and Porto with a greater number of flights.

Find out what connections are available and how often they occur.

Flights from Lisbon: 
  • Sao Paulo – 14 weekly flights
  • Rio de Janeiro – 10 weekly flights
  • Recife – 7 weekly flights (with connection to Viracopos)
  • Fortaleza – 6 weekly flights
  • Belo Horizonte – 6 weekly flights
  • Brasília – 5 weekly flights (with connection to Manaus and Viracopos)
  • Salvador – 5 weekly flights (with connection to Viracopos)
  • Natal – 5 weekly flights
  • Porto Alegre – 3 weekly flights
  • Belém – 2 weekly flights
Flights from Porto:
  • Rio de Janeiro – 1 weekly flight
  • São Paulo – 1 weekly flight
To find out the available schedules, click here